Most of our herdsires descend from full siblings sired by ++*B Kastdemur’s Full Service LA 91 and out of SGCH Kastdemur’s Aubrey LA 92 (granddaughter of ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador; pictured at left):

  1. *B Kastdemur’s Aesop LA 90 (bucks- Jock; Battleship, Nick)
  2. GCH Kastdemur’s Audacity LA 91 EVEE (Bucks- Montage, Sexxpert, Thorin)
  3. SG Kastdemur’s Ava LA 90 EVEV (buck- Battleship)

Aubrey was a National Grand Champion, her dam Finale was a National Grand Champion, her daughter Audacity was National Junior Champion, and her granddaughter Temerity out of Audacity was a 2-time National Grand Champion.


Most of our bucks descend from SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service and SG ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador. These bucks have made a strong imprint on many Nubian herds during the past 25 years. We appreciate the Conquest lineage of Ambassador's sire (Royal Majesty), and the Conquest, Frosty Marvin, and Cadillac (Muirhill and Gasconade) background of his dam (GCH Brown Sugar's Chardonnay). The Foxwood herd has meshed genetics from those three lines, with a heavy concentration in the Cadillac, since 1988. To retain the Cadillac "style," most of our bucks descend from Cadillac Piejar, GCH Faith-Farm AG Genesis, Faith-Farm Samaritan, or C/F Thesus. 

Cobble’s Valley Majik Jock              May 2012                      Brown; frosted ears

     S: Foxwood McCaylan’s Majik Man (4 daughters - LA 88)

              SS: CH *B Foxwood McCaylan LA 89 (as yearling)

              SD: SGCH Foxwood Faye Lee Meadow LA 91 (S: Kastdemur’s Aesop)

      D: CH Spring’s Meadow C.E. Java

               DS: Amberwood Vision’s Einstein (Amberwood Chancellor’s Vision x CH Shannons-Doll Sundays Best)

               DD: Spring’s Meadow PA Cookie (Del-Mirage Legal Paradox x Spring’s Meadow Ascee)  (Full sister to the sire of Foxwood Parade)


Jock came to us from Mark Cobble. Jock is a combination of the lines we crossed over the years: Cadillac, Marvin, and Conquest.

We loved Jock's dam, Java, from the first time we saw her at a show as a two year old. Her correctness, smoothness of blending, style, and beautful head were obvious, and she went GCH.


Jock's sire, Majik  Man, is a son of GCH Foxwood Fay Lee Meadow, who was sired by Kastdemur's Aesop. Meadow's dam, Mirada, was linebred on GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla. Meadow was 2nd place 3 year old at the 2006 Nationals and was 1st place 5-6 year old at the 2008 National Show. Meadow was bred to a son/grandson of McCayla to produce Jock's sire, Majik Man. Three daughters of Majik Man, Destiny, Patrice, and Terra (bred and owned by Mark Cobble or Jeremy Hood) finished their championships; while two other daughters have  earned two legs. Terra also placed in the top 10 in the 2 Year Old Class at the 2014 Nationals, and Patrice was 4th place 3 year old at the 2016 Nationals. Majik daughter Sedona (bred and owned by Mark Cobble) appraised 92 in 2016. 


Jock sired six daughters in 2014. We showed three of them at the 2014 Nationals. They placed 2nd and 15th in the Junior Kid Class, were 3rd place Junior Get of Sire, and two of them were members of the 4th place Best 3 Junior Does. His daughters have outstanding escutcheons with teats properly placed and plumb. His yearling daughters freshened in 2015, and we are really pleased with the consistency of udders. All his daughters have perfect teat size and shape and good area of attachment. (See pics of Sunshine, Pride, and Cinnamon in the "Does born in 2014" page). Two of his daughters, yearling Sunrise and two-year-old Pride, finished their championships in 2016.

Pictured below are Jock's dam, CH Spring's-Meadow Java and two paternal sisters, CH Cobble's Valley Majik Destiny (owned by Jeremy Hood) and Cobble's Valley Majik Diamonds (owned by Mark Cobble).

Jock's dam: CH Spring's Meadow C.E. Java (side and rear) and Jock

Jock daughters: 2 year old CH Pride; 2 year old Sunshine, and yearling CH Sunrise.

Pictured below: paternal sisters to Jock and Matchmaker- Does owned and bred by Mark Cobble and Jeremy Hood

Foxwood Majik Matchmaker             March 2016         Black; white splashes; frosted ears

     S: +*B Foxwood McCaylan’s Majik Man (4 daughters - LA 88)

              SS: CH *B Foxwood McCaylan LA 89 (as yearling)

              SD: SGCH Foxwood Faye Lee Meadow LA 91 (S: Kastdemur’s Aesop)
     D: CH Foxwood Dark Matisse 4-01 LA 89 (VEVE) (1 x GCH, BOB, BDIS as 2 Year Old; 2 x GCH as 3 Year Old; 11th place 2 Year Old- 2014 Nationals) 
             DS: Foxwood Amazin' Darkness  
             DD: CH Foxwood Piejar's Marlena AI 8-02 LA 92 (EEEE)

Pictured to the left is a picture of Matisse, the dam of Matchmaker and Montage. She is a long, tall, stylish doe. Matchmaker has her stature with the strength that his sire produces.

Foxwood Maestro's Montage                               March 2014                       Black; Cream Trim and Facial Stripes

S: Foxwood Macho's Maestro
   SS: *B Foxwood Miracle Macho Man 
   SD: CH Foxwood GMC Mademoiselle
D: CH Foxwood Dark Matisse  4-01 LA 89 (VEVE) (1 x GCH, BOB, BDIS as 2 Year Old; 2 x GCH as 3 Year Old; 11th place 2 Year Old- 2014 Nationals)
   DS: Foxwood Amazin' Darkness
   DD: CH Foxwood Piejar's Marlena AI  8-02 92 (EEEE)


 Linebred on Cadillac genetics, Montage is a long, tall buck that has his dam's style and the substance of bone of his granddam, Mademoiselle. His dam, Matisse, finished her championship as a three year old in 2015. Three of the 8 does sired by Montage in 2015 were GCH as kids. His daughters are stylish and have more "bone" than their dams. Pictured are his dam and both granddams, CH Marlena and CH Mademoiselle (2nd place 4 year old at 2000 Nationals). Marlena and Mademoiselle's dam (GCH McCayla) are daughters of Cadillac Piejar. Two of Montage's daughters were shown in the dry yearling class of over 50 at the 2016 Nationals and placed 3rd and 13th.
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Kasey's Kids Geneson                February 2016              Black; white splashes

S: ++*B GCH Faith-Farm AG Genesis LA 90 (8 champion daughters)

D: Foxwood Hotmale-Paris Parade (1 x GCH as 1st freshener)

     DS: Spring's-Meadow Hotmale

     DD: Foxwood Fire's Paris (granddaughter of Faith-Farm AG Genesis)

We are really excited to have a Genesis son in the herd to bring back the genetics we used in the 1990s. One of our all-time favorite does, Mademoiselle, was sired by Genesis. We currently have a Genesis daughter, Muriel, who appraised 86 this year as a yearling and was 7th place yearling milker at Nationals. Geneson is very similar to his sire in his "look." He has the same rear leg angulation and nice level topline, as well as the nice head and ears.

Pictured below are his dam, Parade, as a 1st freshener; his maternal sister, Pride, as a 2 year old; and his paternal sister, CH Mademoiselle, as a 6 year old.

Pride as a 2 year old (maternal sister)

J&M Hideaway Thorin                             2/15/2015                            Black, frosted ears, white poll

S: CH *B Royal Blue Nevada Joe (4 champion daughters)

     SS: *B Kastdemur's Nevada City 1-05 85 VVA

     SD: SGCH Sweet-Spring PBC Berimargarita 1*M 7-05 92 EEEE (Full Service daughter)

D: Frog-Flat Katherine Two  7-04 90 EEEV

     DS: Saada Wicked Wine Radar

     DD: Frog Flat Farms Irish Cream

We first saw the J&M Hideaway herd in 2014 and were impressed with the herd consistency. Most of the does were daughters of Nevada Joe, whose genetics are very similar to the Kastdemur lines we have used for several years (Joe's dam is a paternal sibling to a buck we owned several years ago, Aesop...Aesop is Meadow's sire).  In addition to linking to our Kastdemur line, Thorin's maternal granddam, Irish Cream, descends from our foundation doe GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla through Foxwood Champ and Foxwood Cisco. What also attracted us to Thorin was the addition of Saada genetics.

The mating that resulted in Thorin is proven to work! Thorin has two older full sisters who have freshened. They have done well in the show ring and in appraisal. Sister GCH Glory was 90 VEVE at 4-02, while Witchhazel was 89 VEVE at 3-03. Thorin is a long bodied dairy-type buck with excellent width to the escutcheon and good rear leg angulation.

Begley's-Troubled-Acre Bulwnkl   AI                         2/23/2015                                  Frosted fawn; white poll

S: ++*B Simple-Life-Farm Bulwinkle   (3 dau 88.7) (3 champion daughters)

     SS: +*B GCH Simple LIfe Rasberry Dakota

     SD: Simple-Life-Farm Rasberycupcak 3*M

D: Begley's-Troubled-Acre Tropic 3*M

     DS: GCH +*B Begley's-Troubled-Acre Turbo AI  5-02 91 EEE

            DSS: ++*B SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Star Status  6-04 91 EEE

            DSD: SGCH Begley's-Troubled-Acre Dabble  5-03 90 EEVE

     DD: SGCH Begley's-Troubled-Acre Blinkie 2*M  5-04 91 EEEE

We feel so fortunate to own a son of SLF Bulwinkle! Over the years, we attempted to AI to Bulwinkle in an effort to get progeny, but it didn't happen. Much gratitude goes to Lisa Begley for sending this fellow to east Tennessee! His dam's pedigree speaks for itself and includes much of the same Kastdemur genetics we have used for years. What excites us is bringing in the Conquest and Cadillac genetics from his sire's side. It has been several years since we have had a buck with so much Conquest. Bulwinkle sired several champion does and is noted as an "udder" buck, which would be expected from his lineage. Way back in his pedigree is C/F Thesis, the sire of a buck who has left a mark in our herd, Willow Run Thesis Chekhov. Also, the dam of our buck Hoanbu CA Night Life descends from Bulwinkle. 


Udderly Southern Rockin Cherry     2/16/2015      Brown with cream trim; frosted ears

S: Jacobs Pride Darn Tootin I Roc

     SS: GCH *B Jacobs Pride Tootn Howard Huge

     SD: GCH Jacobs Pride Darski Shwman 1 *M  3-04 90 (VVEE)

D: Grace Point Cherry Kisses 4-01 89 (EEVV)

     DS: N. KY Windyacres Hotrod Lincln (4 dau 85.6) (linebred Willow Run)

     DD: Pleasant-Places Cherry Cuddler 5-03 86 (VV++); 4-06 90 (VEEE)

Rocky, pictured below, may be the most "outcross" buck we have ever used. The bucks we have used in the past were bred on Cadillac, Marvin, and/or Conquest. I can't find much of those in his background, at least not up close. Rocky's dam Cherry, pictured at the left, earned two champion legs at the first spring shows in 2015.She is a long wide level doe that descends from many of the same Willow Run animals we had in the past. When I saw Cherry for the first time this spring at a show, I told her owner, De Cannon, that Cherry reminded me a lot of Soncare Gabriel and Mountain Mama, two great show does of the past. She told me that she had a buck kid for sale, I looked at him and his pedigree, and loaded him up and brought him home. Rocky is a long tall level buck who should add stature and general appearance. We are excited to see the outcomes of adding the Jacobs Pride gene pool to our Cadillac/Marvin/Conquest base.

Kaseys Kids Sir Battleship        February 2010       Black; white belt; frosted ears

                LA 2-05 87 (VVV)

  S: *B Kastdemur’s Au Revoir

         SS: SG +*B Kastdemur’s Hasta La Vista (Kastdemur’s King of the Hill x  Kastdemur’s Terravista)   

         SD: SG Kastdemur’s Ava 4*M LA 2-03 90 EVEV (dry)   

 D: Kaseys Kids Mega Fantasia LA 2-03 88 VVEV (12th place 2 Year Old at 2011 National Show) (pictured below)

         DS: CH Foxwood Aesop’s Mega Milosh LA 6-05 90 VEE (12 daus 86.4) (Kastdemur’s Aesop x Foxwood Cisco’s Serenity)

         DD: SGCH Foxwood Razputin’s Meri Poppins 1*M LA 90 (Signpine Razputin x Foxwood Genesis Peonie- littermate sister to CH Foxwood Passion, dam of our aged doe Paris)


Battleship's first two daughters freshened in 2012. Both had mammaries better than their dam's. Pictured below is his first daughter to freshen, Eagle Ranch Miracle of Miracles. She was RGCH as a yearling milker at the Pennsylvania Dairy Goat Association Show. We freshened several yearling daughters in 2014 and were really pleased with mammaries. One of his daughters, Penny, was 13th place Yearling Milker at the 2014 Nationals. Penny finished her championship in 2015 as a two year old! She was several times BUOB. ALL his daughters we freshened in 2014 had smooth fore udders, good teat size and shape, strong medials, and good rear udder width. The only thing we didn't like was teat placement.


Bred by Kasey Kemp of Kasey's Kids, Battleship's dam combines the genetics of some of our favorite animals we owned in the past: GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla, Dale-Haven Serenity, CH Signpine Razberri T, CH Honey Bear Mentor's Pansey, Kastdemur's Aesop, and GCH Faith-Farm Genesis.


Pictured below are Battleship; his dam, Fantasia; his two year old daughter CH Penny

Foxwood McCaylan's Majik Man (owned by Mark Cobble)

S: CH Foxwood McCaylan LA 89 at 1-03

     SD: GCH Briarknoll's Piejar McCayla LA 90

D: SGCH Foxwood Faye Lee Meadow LA 91 (pictured)

     DS: *B Kastdemur's Aesop LA 90

We want to thank Mark Cobble for giving us access to Majik!! Majik has a 4 daughter average of 88 in LA. Two of his daughters are permanent champions, while others have champion legs. His daughters have well attached capacious udders and milk well. His parents were strong animals: his dam was 1st place 5-6 year old at the 2008 Nationals, while his sire received the highest appraisal score possible for a yearling and finished his championship as a two year old.

We bred him to several of our favorite does to him in order to continue the linebreeding on GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla.

*B Hoanbu CA Night Life AI      March 2013       Broken Red; White Ears 

 S: ++*B Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador  LA 90, Elite (3 x Premier Sire)

     SS: ++*B Ker-A-Tin Acres Royal Majesty

     SD: SGCH Brown Sugar's Chardonnay 5*M LA 91 EEEE

 D: SGCH Hoanbu Status Misty Moonlight 2*M LA 92 EEEE (2013 National RGCH)

     DS: SGCH +*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status LA 91 (3 x Premier Sire)

     DD: SGCH Hoanbu Stripes Caravelle Misty 1*M LA 90 EEVE


Night Life doesn't descend directly from SGCH Kastdemur's Aubrey as many of our other bucks do, but he does descend from the same two bucks heavily used in the Kastdemur herd: Crown Ambassador and Full Service. Because of the genetic similarities, we think that Night Life should work well with our does that descend from siblings Aesop, Audacity, and Ava.

Night Life, a long tall dairy buck, has good angulation to the rear legs, sharp shoulders, and width between the hocks. He is a "flashy" red roan buck with white splashes and a blazed face. His sire, Ambassador, was named Premier Sire at three National shows and sired two National Champions: Crown Extatic (1997) and Crown Finale (1999). Three paternal brothers were also National Premier Sires: SG ++*B Kastdemur’s Top Brass (1988), +*B Kastdemur’s Crown Excess (2003, 2004) and *B Kastdemur’s King Of The Hill (2008). Four paternal brothers were the sire or grandsire of National Champion does: GCH Kastdemur’s Aubree 3*M (2001), GCH Lynnhaven E Paradise *M (2002), SGCH Willow Run AT Erazel 2*M (2003, 2004), and GCH Lassenwood Miller Kalila *M (2005).

Night Life's dam, SGCH Hoanbu Status Misty Moonlight 2*M EX92 EEEE, is a long, level, deep bodied doe with "style." Named  the 2013 Reserve National Grand Champion, she has repeatedly shown well at National Shows: 1st place 3 Year Old in 2010, 4th place 4 Year Old in 2011, 1st place Aged Doe in 2014, and a member of the 1st place Produce of Dam, Best 3 Senior Does, and Senior Get of Sire in 2010, and 1st place Dairy Herd in 2010 and 2011. Moonlight's sire Status, a grandson of Kastdemur's Full Service, has sired several top show does. Moonlight has proven herself, not only in appraisal and in the show ring, but she produced a champion daughter that appraised excellent: GCH Hoanbu EXOD Moon Dance 3*M 3-04 EX90 VEEE.

NIght Life's kids were shown in 2015. One bred and owned by Hoanbu was 1st place junior yearling at 2015 NAILE. Does bred at Foxwood and shown by their new owners were 2 x GCH, 1 x RGCH, and 1 x BJDIS. 

Kasey's Kids Double-Rain Nick                                       5/31/2014                                     Brown

S: Kasey's Kids Rain Chaser

     SS: *B Lakeshore DL Storm Chaser AI  1-03 86 VVV

           SSS: ++*B Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke   5-01 90 VEE

           SSD: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Sierra Storm 4*M  5-05 90 VEEE

     SD: Coatofmanycolors White Iris

           SDS: CH Foxwood Aesop's Mega Milosh  6-05 90 VEE

           SDD: Kasey's Kids Trust Cinderella

D: Kasey's Kids SC Rainbow

     DS: *B Lakeshore DL Storm Chaser AI  1-03 86 VVV

           DSS: ++*B Lakeshore-Farms Doctor Luke   5-01 90 VEE

           DSD: SGCH Lakeshore-Farms Sierra Storm 4*M  5-05 90 VEEE

     DD: Kasey's Kids Trust Cinderella

           DDS: Forever Squeeze CG Trust Him

           DDD: SGCH Foxwood Razputin's Meri Popins 1*M  6-05 90 EVEV

Nick is the result of a half-brother/half-sister breeding. His grandsire on both sides, Storm Chaser, is a full brother to Lakeshore DL Perfect Storm who sired the 2015 National Reserve Grand Champion, Bellissima. Nick is linebred on the same Kastdemur genetics (Brown Sugar's Crown Ambassador, Ker-a-tin Acres Royal Majesty, Kastdemur's Full-Service) as many of our does and other bucks. His granddams blend in the Cadillac/Marvin/Conquest genetics we have used for years (Faith-Farm Genesis,  McCayla, Smooth Operator, and Kastdemur's Aesop). Nick's genetics are similar to Battleship's.

Nick is one of our most correct general appearance bucks, and we expect him to produce nice udders. He has a strong topline and excellent rear leg angulation and escutcheon width.