GCH Foxwood Piejar Marlena 1*M     March 2008                      Black; cream trim            S: ++*B Cadillac Piejar FS 90 (3 champion daus) (2 daus 85.2)

                D: Foxwood Felician Carbon Copy (2 GCH legs as 2 year old)

                                  DS: CH Foxwood Sam’s Felician (Faith-Farm GS Samaritan x

                                            GCH Regehrs Foxie Felicia BBK LA 90)

                                 DD: GCH Foxwood McCayla’s 3M Copy LA 92 (CH Foxwood

                                            McCaylan x  GCH McCayla LA 90)

2012 Show Record: 4 x GCH; 4 x RGCH; 3 x BOB; 1 x BDIS

2013 Show Record: 2 x BOB; 1  x BDIS (shown 1 weekend)

Appraisal 8-02 92 EEEE

Marlena is a stylish doe that milks well. She is a paternal sister to our foundation doe, GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla, and her maternal granddam (3M Copy) is tightly bred on McCayla as well. Bred to Foxwood Darkness, Marlena has produced several show quality daughters. One of their daughters, Matisse, was 11th place 2 year old at the 2014 National show  and finished her championship as a 3 year old. Another daughter, Mystery, freshened as a yearling with a picture perfect udder. Unfortunately, we lost her that year. Marlena is pictured below at 8 years of age.

GCH Hagler GDU Stoli  1*M               February 2009                       Bay; frosted ears 

                S: Infinity SMM Double Up

                                SS: Goldthwaite Magic Man                               

                                SD: CH Infinity SS/F Safron LA 92  

                D: D: CH Hagler S/H Glacier AI (littermate to CH Aspen)
                                DS: GCH +*B Pine Land's Squanto (4 champion daus)
                                DD: CH Kriscross Style's Heather 

Appraisal 7-02 90 EEEV

Stoli finished her championship as a first freshening two year old. Maternal sister to CH Hagler Maxey, she is a smoothly blended doe with a nice mammary system. We thank Leslie Sensing for allowing us to own these nice daughters of CH Glacier. We owned Glacier's littermate sister, CH Hagler S/H Aspen, several years ago and want to continue that bloodline.

SGCH Evergreen Pines Emceega 2*M    March 2009  Brown; white crown

                  S: Foxwood Macho's Coby

                              SS: *B Foxwood Miracle Macho Man

                              SD: SGCH Foxwood McCayla's 3M Copy LA 92

                  D: GCH Evergreen Pines Emmie 1*M

                              DS: *B Foxwood Aesop's Helio

                              DD: CH Backcountry FF Emerald (Sire: Foxwood Fox Fire)


Appraisal 7-02 91 EEEE (RU Hgt- 45; RU Arch- 41)

Emceega is a genetic powerhouse. Fourteen of the 15 does in her 4 generation pedigree are champions! The only doe that was not a champion was the dam of GCH Briarknoll Piejar's McCayla, and she had two legs in very limited showing. Emceega combines the genetics of the various outcross animals that have been blended with the genetics of McCayla in the Foxwood herd over the past 25 years (Smooth Operator, Aesop, Genesis, Odyssey, and Dale Haven ORG Stratus). Emceega's paternal granddam, 3M Copy, is also maternal granddam to GCH Foxwood Faye Lee Meadow and CH Foxwood Piejar's Marlena. Her paternal grandsire (Foxwood Macho Man) is the paternal grandsire of CH Violet-Star's Penelopel who has two daughters in our herd.

A 5th generation permanent champion, Emceega continues the tradition of producing nice daughters. She has a daughter that finished as a two year old in 2013 and another daughter that was 2nd place yearling milker at the 2014 ADGA National show, Deep Creek MYS Emblem. Both these does were bred and owned by Jeremy Hood. I deeply appreciate Jeremy's willingness to allow me to bring Emceega into my herd.  Emceega is pictured below as a 7 year old.